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Packaging Supplies Market Dominated By Innovation

In the world of packaging supplies and products, creativity and progress are constantly leading to new heights of innovation. Some of the latest trends have already taken the market by storm and are changing how companies approach their packaging supplies and shipping processes.

It should be noted that one of the biggest trends yet comes from a faster turnaround for potential features that can be added to products. We all know that customer needs and great ideas can pop into our heads seemingly out of nowhere, which often means that businesses must work nonstop to improve their packaging and the features it can provide.One such example comes from Robert Hogan, the director of global business development for Zip-Pak. Hogan recently stated that some companieshave applied technology converters to their current machines that allow for new features to be added in as little as six weeks. This makes it so that the manufacturing process as a whole experiences minimal disruption and that very little additional capital investment is required.

On top of this, another incredibly popular feature in the packaging supply market is convenience. Today's consumers demand convenience at every step of their purchasing process. When companies are able to provide this to their buyers, they quickly and easily improve the appeal of their brand and their products. In doing so, this necessitates that businesses and manufacturers become more invested in their package selection process, regardless of cost. We see an excellent example in the Giants Sunflower Seeds package, where the food remains securely protected inside its bag thanks to a zip-lock feature across the top. This doesn't just help to improve customer convenience and ease of use, but also improves the product's shelf life at the same time.

Power Packaging

Manufacturers far and wide have also realized that there are myriad possibilities for boosting consumer confidence and production efficiency when it comes to packaging supply solutions.Zipbox, a resealable box, helps to meet this standard by providing rigid, yet flexible, packaging in a surprisingly novel way. It features an easy-to-use press and seal zipper along the top of a carton - it's that simple. More than 85 percent of consumers who used this product said they were big fans of the value and convenience that the box provides, especially when they could reseal their food inside the box without any additional concerns.

Additionally, more and more consumers are interested in moving away from rigid packaging and instead to flexible pouches, which can create significant reductions in cost for a variety of brands or manufacturers. Many products that once came in glass now come in plastic, helping their creators minimize production costs, reduce packaging weight, and cut down on the number of trucks required for distribution of products. Some solutions include PresSureLok, which is a collaboration between two companies and extends the shelf life of products like shampoo, conditioner, detergent, juice, and more. It also adds to product longevity and value, with features including measured chambers that dispense exactly one serving per use and then reseal themselves.

Biodegradable Packaging is More Popular than Ever

A recent Research and Markets report discovered that another prominent component of the packaging industry's recent changes is biodegradable packaging. This type of supply has already seen growth and will continue to rise in popularity, along with the general trend toward more sustainable and advanced packaging practices. As a result, we might just see biodegradable packaging become an essential and major player in the packaging supply marketplace.

As a matter of fact, many manufacturers are actively attempting to differentiate their products from competitors by providing improvements to established industry standards. As these companies continue to utilize packaging as a medium to protect and promote the safety of the environment, the inherent demand and potential of growth will only rise further. This means that when it comes to meeting consumer desires, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging practices are the next rising trend.

Equipment tax deduction

What's the packaging equipment tax deduction for 2018?

For 2018, the packaging equipment tax deduction has been upped t0 $1,000,000. The Section 179 tax deduction works for you as incentive to purchase packaging equipment during the 2018 year. It's good for new or used equipment so the choice is up to you. This deduction qualifies for all equipment, even automatic packaging equipment
equipment tax deduction Click to Learn more about the equipment tax deduction

Qualifying for the equipment tax deduction

To take advantage of these major cost savings, equipment needs to be purchased or financed AND put into service during 2018. It began on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

The maximum amount that a company can spend on equipment to qualify is $2,500,000. Packaging equipment is a large investment that can be justified with Positive ROI and these tax savings.

Bonus depreciation is also now 100% for 2018. This happens after the spending cap is reached on equipment purchases. This is great if your company ends up spending more money than the spending cap.

Automatic packaging equipment tax incentive summary

packaging equipment shrink wrapSay a company spend $400,000 on equipment during the 2018 year. Using the Section 179 equipment tax deduction, they'd qualify to take off the entire amount of their purchases. It's under the 1 million dollar threshold and they purchased and installed it in 2018. Let's also assume they fall into a 35% bracket tax rate. They're purchases on packaging equipment will only cost them $260,000 this year. That's a savings over $140,000. The equipment tax deduction changes every year, so put it to good use today by investing in automatic packaging equipment.

2018 packaging equipment tax incentive benefits

  • Deduction limit- $1,000,000
  • Spending cap on equipment purchases- $2,500,000
  • Bonus depreciation- 100%

Justifying automatic packaging equipment

Equipment for packaging

Using a manual packing process is hurting your bottom line and automatic packaging equipment is the missing key to success. Efficient product flow in your packaging process is a huge key to your success. What happens when there's human errors, inconsistent quality, damage from shipping, and increasing labor costs? Your process slows down and it costs you more money.

These problems can be fixed with automatic packaging equipment, whether they're semi-automatic, fully automatic, or full integrated systems.

Here's just some of the benefits to using equipment in your packaging process.

Strapping machines

Bundler strapping machines and the larger strapping machines are made with any production process in mind. These end of the line machines can match your production speed to reduce bottlenecks. Strapping equipment varies from semi-automatic, arch, fully automatic tabletop, and conveyor. Installing these machines reduces the amount of manual labor needed because it'll take less people to strap a package or load than before.

Strapping Machines

These packaging systems get consistent strap placement and load integrity for high production applications. Some of these applications include; bundling, baling, carton closing, and of course unitizing.

Bagger machines

Does your packaging process output 10,000 bags in a single month? If so, an investment in bagging machines can be justified. The technology used in these machines help reduce labor costs, distribute even weights, and help prevent damage during shipping.

What can bagger machines do for you? They're able to reduce labor by up to 80%. With rising costs in labor each year, that's a major cost savings.

Stretch wrapping machines

We've all heard how much shipping damage can cost you. Stretch wrapping equipment can recover up to 50% of your losses caused from product damage. What you're getting is a load that's wrapped correctly, tightly, and safely. Automatic packaging equipment like stretch wrappers improve how your products are protected during shipping. Another cost saving from stretch wrappers is their reduction in 75% of film compared to a manual hand process. That's a huge savings added on to the other benefits.

Case sealing machines

Case sealers can increase your output by 600%.

Case sealing equipmentSorry, let's try that again....

Case sealers can increase output 600%

Talk about high production output. These machines can seal cases up to 6 times faster than manual operations. How would you like to have less downtime, shorter production times on a daily basis. That's what you get with case sealers.

If you're going through 250 boxes a day, your workers are probably tired, and you can justify the cost of one of these machines. That's an improvement to your bottom-line and an improvement to the moral of the workforce. Another benefit of equipment is the reduction in materials. You can cut your tape usage by up to 30% when you move from hand tape to a case sealer.

Case erecting machines

Let's talk more about end-of-line packaging machines. Creating precise, uniform packages each time they're made helps limit product damage. Your packages will stay together better when they're made right. That's one of the benefits of a case erector. These machines erect cases, (boxes), consistently square every time. They can also work much faster than you or I can. Try 9 times faster! Install case erecting equipment into your operation to increase your output. 500 cases a day, that's all it takes to produce a positive ROI in less than one year with these machines.

Case erector equipmentLooking for something custom? Case erectors can fit into any production line and handle any product sizes, even if you have varying heights. Start your line off right by making the boxes right each time. A major cost saving of equipment for packaging is the labor cost reductions. Case erectors can operate completely with as little as 1-2 operators. One machine will replace multiple packing stations on your operating floor.

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