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Loveshaw CF-50T Case Erector / Case Former


The CF-50T expands the Little David line of high performance case formers developed by Loveshaw, an ITW company. This innovative machine has been designed to automatically form, fold, and bottom seal RSC corrugated cases. The CF-50T easily folds a variety of corrugated cases -  …

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Options of the CF-50T_x000D_
Spare parts kit_x000D_
Special electrics_x000D_
Box jam warning_x000D_
Low tape warning_x000D_
Low hopper warning_x000D_
Tape Detection_x000D_
Extended Legs_x000D_
Guarding package_x000D_
Stainless steel_x000D_
Automatic central lube_x000D_
Available in CE, NEMA 4_x000D_
Extended capacity powered hopper_x000D_
Leveling Pads_x000D_
Air Dryer_x000D_
Mobile Control Station_x000D_

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Specifications for the CF-50T:_x000D_
Power Required_x000D_
110 Vac, 60Hz, single phase, 10 Amps_x000D_
Note: Other voltages available. Contact Loveshaw for details._x000D_
Air Requirements:_x000D_
11 SCFM @ 80 psi._x000D_
Tape Specifications:_x000D_
Any commercially acceptable brand of pressure sensitive tape._x000D_
Width: 1-1/2” (38mm) to 2” (51mm); 3” (76mm) optional._x000D_
Tape Roll Diameter: 15” (381mm) maximum on a 3” (76mm) core._x000D_
Roll Length: up to 2000 yards (1829mm)._x000D_
Production Rate:_x000D_
CF-50T: up to 20 cases per minute, depending on case size and corrugated quality. Standard: 14cpm._x000D_
Corrugated Orientation:_x000D_
Printing on case and fold orientation must match footprint of the machine._x000D_
Case Demensions:_x000D_
CF-50T: Length 7” to 24” (177mm to 610mm)_x000D_
Width 6” to 16” (152mm to 406mm)_x000D_
Height 4” to 20” (102mm to 508mm)_x000D_
1000 lbs (453.6 kg), uncrated._x000D_
Standard Discharge Height:_x000D_
23 1/4 inches (50.7 cm).

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The CF-50T offers:_x000D_
Chain-lug drive_x000D_
Powered hopper_x000D_
Pneumatic tuckers_x000D_
Allen Bradley PLC_x000D_
Quick changeover_x000D_
Heavy duty steel construction_x000D_
American craftsmanship

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Options of the CF-50T:_x000D_
Spare parts kit _x000D_
Guarding package_x000D_
Special electrics _x000D_
Stainless steel_x000D_
Box jam warning _x000D_
Automatic central lube_x000D_
Low tape warning _x000D_
Available in CE, NEMA 4_x000D_
Low hopper warning _x000D_
Extended capacity powered hopper_x000D_
Casters _x000D_
Leveling Pads_x000D_
Tape Detection _x000D_
Air Dryer_x000D_
Extended Legs _x000D_
Mobile Control Station

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