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Brandpac BPMP-5100

Continuous Motion Bottom Overlap Shrink Wrapping System


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Printed film registration for accurate placement of printed graphics
Heavy-duty frame construction with welded joints for high durability
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
Steel-It paint provides a scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
Fully guarded for safety and easy access
Gentle product handling with servo or mechanical driven collating system
Servo or mechanical driven overwrap for smooth and efficient film wrapping
Servo-driven mechanical film feed is low maintenance and can adapt to a wide range of film lengths (no vacuum)
Side mounted film rack and film splicing bar for quick and easy film changeover with little or no downtime
Allen Bradley® programmable controller
ARPAC operator interface features a color touchscreen with message display and self-diagnostics
Low film alert warns that a changeover may soon be necessary
Easy machine adjustments for reliable and quick product changeover
Right or left hand operator station and film rack
Air conditioning standard on main electrical enclosure

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BPMP-5100 Option, Machine mounted jib crane to facilitate film loading
BPMP-5100 Option, Product turning conveyor
BPMP-5100 Option, Side product transfer to infeed extends machine length by 48"
BPMP-5100 Option, Tray conversion for tool-less changeover from multipack to tray shrink wrapped products
BPMP-5100 Option, Wet product seal conveyor extends machine length by 48"

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Machine Specifications
Output speed: up to 35 packages per minute
Electrical Power Requirements
480V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 75A, 65kW

Note: other voltages available on request
Pneumatic Power Requirements
80 psi, 30 SCFM at 50 cycles per minute
Machine Length
311 in

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Product Specifications
Width (across machine)
6 to 18 in
Length (down machine)
3 to 12 in
Height Range
3 to 12 in

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Unsupported Multipacks

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Film Specifications
Film Roll Diameter
up to 20 in
Max. Film Gauge
1.75 to 2.5 mil
Film Type
Max. Film Roll Width
6 to 26 in
Other Film Specifications
Clear, print registered or randomly printed film
Core of film roll - up to 3 in
Groupers for Various Product Shapes
ARPAC designs different groupers to accommodate a variety of product shapes. This assembly is used to separate products into pack groups and control the flow of product into the pacing flight bar assembly. In the case of tray-loaded products, the collator serves to pace and release products into the BPMP-5000.

Servo Adjustable Starwheel
15 minute changeover
Accommodates round products only

Servo Adjusted Side Belt
10 minute rapid changeover
Accommodates round products only
Tool-less servo adjustment of grouper

Mechanical Adjustable Starwheel
45 minute changeover
Accommodates round products only

Mechanically Adjusted Side Belt
2 hour changeover to replace gripper belts and drive gears
Accommodates round products only
Fixed size gripper belt

Shuttle Grouper
30 minute tool-less changeover of grouper
Accommodates round, non-round and square products
Lane divider is required for non-round and square products

Custom groupers available upon request
Our primary focus is finding engineered solutions to your packaging needs. Many of our groupers are custom designed to our customer’s exact specifications.
Groupers Available for this Model
Custom groupers available upon request
Shuttle Grouper

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The BRANDPAC™ BPMP-5000 SERIES is the champion in multipacking equipment for medium to high volume food and beverage industries. This versatile continuous motion bottom overlap shrink wrapping system operates on demand, without a seal bar to shrink wrap up to 75 unsupported multipacks or trays per minute, depending on the height and weight of the product.

Using single roll print registered polyethylene film, the BPMP-5000 system ensures accurate placement of printed logos, graphics and advertising messages on each bundle with a bull's eye enclosure.

Print registered film provides an attractive forum for your retail marketing message at a fraction of the cost of traditional paperboard packaging. The finished package is an easy to carry multipack that is attractive to the consumer.

Servo technology ensures the wrapper provides gentle product handling and precise wrapping. This automatic system accumulates product into patterns, wraps print registered film around the patterned product and shrinks the film to make multipacks. The user friendly ARPAC operator interface manages the complete system with simple entry and self diagnostics ensuring reliable performance.

Quick product changeovers take place in less than 15 minutes with the BPMP's pre-programmed product settings, drop-in color coded spacers for infeed lane guides and side film splicer. New product parameters are selected from one of 16 pre-programmed settings.

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